According to changing time we are comparing our brain with different technology. In previous watch,telephone,calculator and now computer is compared with human brain. But, actually our brain works in its own way rather than all the technologies we’ve invented. We proved we can do our best in tech invention, now we’re moving towards neural network technology and in future we’ll reach in the deep of space technology.

But, we’ve a major limitation. Every life have to taste its death. That means we must have to die, we’re unable to stop this natural rule.Now forget about protecting death, Let’s think the whole thing in a different way. What will happen, if we could build a digital version of human brain and and store that into a computer and then insert the whole data into an artificial body?
Seems interesting ? Yes , the process as like as copying all the data into computer from a pen-drive and then store that data or download into other media . But, is it possible to upload human sense into computer ? Yes, Mind uploading technology works on such crazy ideas.
Eventually , according to Sir Stephen Hawkings this technology will be live by 2045, Lets know more about it .

Mind Uploading

Mind uploading technology basically based on store brain data forever . The main aim of this technology “Brain remains alive forever” . This is also called immortality technology. There are crore human cells in our body .According to our growing up, slowly all the cells lose their self repairing ability thus we lost our disease protection ability . In results, we’re being affected by many disease and slowly moving towards death. Now, in order to skip death we need to build artificial cell (The cell won’t old ever) and plant that on our body . It’s even more complex technology .

But in order to gain immortality scientist have been chosen another way.That is discover the secret of human brain and make a digital version and upload it on computer and download that brain data in other body. Scientifically , every life lives on brain .

Our feelings,intelligence,mind,sense everything based on brain. So, somehow if could copy someone’s brain data(through sounds bad), he can live forever — because thus his feelings,moving,intelligence everything will be preserved. This is as like as getting the same feelings cloning hard drive from a old computer and use that on a new physical computer .

The main aim of the scientists through this technology is copying anybody’s personality into a new body and live him as clone and also make sure new body works same as uploaded data. But the main question is , are we able to upload our brain into computer ? Is it possible to digitize human sense ?

All of the evidence seems to say in theory it’s possible — it’s extremely difficult, but it’s possible — Randal Koene, 2045 Initiative director

Through the full idea seem like movie story , in order to success this concept a project named 2045 Initiative is going on. And scientist believe that by the 2045 we’ll successfully absorbed immortality technology. But at first what we have to do ?

We’ve to create a full backup of our brain. But how we’ll do that ? what technology we’ll use ? Because computer and brain both works in different system. Then how the things will possible ?

Human Brain and Sence

Human brain and its working style is one of the wonderful things in the world. We don’t have any USB(Universal serial bus) port in our head , where we can insert cable and transfer all data. Besides the working system for computer and brain is total different. Brain never works in digital format so all the information of brain is meaningless to computer. If we cloud digitize brain data only then we’ll be able to store that on computer . How it is possible to digitize a brain ? Because this is not any circuit or electric chip, this contains sense,feelings and all of this are covered in a hot biological organ called grey cells.

Human brain contains around 100 Billion (might be 50 to 500 Billion) nano cells , they are called Neuron and they are connected with each other. Processing any information in our brain depends on patterns of Neuron and their connected system.

Even, our merit,sense,intelligence everything depends on this system. Like artificial neural network works ,at the time of processing, information had to pass through Neuron and let us take a dicission.

How Mind uploading works ?

Our brain is complex combination , and our emotion is the most complex matter. This is not so easy to detect human emotion through computer. Now a days there are many technology to scan human brain. In such technologies , a 3D(three dimension) image is formed based on blood flow and computer can detect based on that 3d image that what human is watching right now. But detecting what is feelings of brain isn’t so easy task.

In order to perform mind uploading or digitize a brain it is required to map the full brain , it is also called brain map. Our brain map will describe how every Neuron is connected with each other and transferring signal among them. We’ve around 100 billion Neuron in our brain and scientifically and theoretically it is possible to build our brain map. Recently scientist successfully build robot from brain map of Worm . In this process they first build digital version of worm’s brain and then upload that into computer . Then they download that data into a new robot , so that robot is now working based on uploaded worm’s brain . Actually brain works on electrical signal and by combining all these signal it is possible to make digital format of brain and thus we can upload it into computer. There are almost 302 Neuron in worm’s brain and each neuron have around 7000 interconnection among them. Scientist has been made a solid model of worm’s neuron and based on its neural network structure forms a artificial Robot . This project is called The lego worm robot .

Theoretically using the same process it is possible to form brain map of human and by digitizing data it’s possible to upload in computer or devices . But , for this we have to think about big data , as human have 100 billion Neuron and almost 100 trillion interconnection among them . Working with these huge data is really so complex.

If we could able to develop our brain map , then it is required to develop a artificial brain . In that we need to build 100 billion artificial neuron and ensure connection among these. Then we have to know how a new memory is being written on our brain and how to erase a memory . Then we’ll able to write false memory in our brain.

Let’s imagine, we have the ability of read and write brain memory , then what will be our next step ? Now the task is just copy the whole data from one brain to another. But human brain and computer hard drive are not same things. According to scientist , our full memory in brain is almost equal to 2.6M Gigabyte, this is huge data. If we use USB 3.0 connection it may takes almost 80 days , if we use Thunderbolt 3.0 connection it may takes up to one week. We’ve to keep it mind that only planting data isn’t enough, we require a proper map of brain by which every data can be processed through neuron .

Benefit of mind uploading technology

Let’s think about that world where our mind uploading technology or immortality technology will be live. Sounds good ??

First of all , from this technology our personality will never die, that means our biological body may die but our artificial body will be alive forever . Besides we’ll have exact the same
feelings,intelligence and sense as our biological body. We can see the thousand year next civilization. Even maybe we’ll able to increase our intelligence level by copying data from another brain. We can move towards a happy life by reducing all stretch from our brain. Actually consequence of this technology is more crazier than thing about this immortality technology.


We’ve got a idea how this technology works and how far we are from the success of this technology. This immortality technology will open a new era in the field of neural network, artificial intelligence, human psychology , security , invention technology .

Many universities,scientists,government are working hard to success this crazy technology . We hope by the 2045 this mind uploading technology will be alive and we’ll enter a new world of tech invention.

Bolaram Paul

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