How it’ll feel when we watching the movie we could enjoy the smell of the environment of the scene along with images and sound? Imagine, in a scene of a movie a hero commit an accident, if we could taste the smell of that spot, the smell of burning tire, the smell of broken trees?

Nowadays with virtual reality, one can enjoy the feeling of beach area with cold weather and beautiful waves. Modern technologies are moving towards the next big thing i.e Machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality world. Tech world now adopting the ability to personalize a customers experience based on their individual behavior and bring that to life virtually.The motivation of machine learning is continually engaging with users and build a smarter solution as it aims taking data continuously and make customized experience based on user demand. Now, the trick is how to have the most user friendly interface that can seamlessly use that data and apply it with a realistic and useful way. In this case, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) uses machine learning to develop such featured machine. Let’s see the upcoming trends in machine learning and how it boosts AR and VR technology along with some examples.

Generally, by balancing the air of sound system and device, we can make sight experience almost same as real experience. Now the things left is the smell of salty water of sea and smell of sea animals.

Probably we can get the smell of smell device. That device will be similar to printer device wherein spite of ink there will be various smell and combination of a different smell. From which according to the video scene, the smell will be sprayed.

How it’ll feel if a robot smell a pizza can say the weather is musty or not? In order to do this, we can train robot’s intelligence with thousand of smell. ie burn chicken smell, human’s smell etc.

Then the machine will learn from training and can perform automated tasks.

In the most case of crime investigation and customs, dog squad is used to identify criminal or find out harmful drugs, explosives. Dog squad is trained with the smell of criminal’s dress piece, hair or anything before the operation. Similarly, dog got trained with negative drugs and explosive before the operation. After they can determine and able to find out criminal’s location or harmful drugs, explosives. If we could train robot with these things, we can easily give rest to dog squad. The plus point is dogs can do mistakes but the machine won’t. Is this really possible?
Maybe, Yes. This type machine can be made but it is a long process. Because research going on the smell. Biologists are working hard, To understand how smell works In 1928, in order to explain smell Malcolm Dysontold “Smell generated due to vibration of infrared range” .

Next, In 1949 RW Moncrieff told “Smell is a combination of 7 primary odor like the visible color is a combination of three basic colors (Red, Blue, Green)’’. Primary Odors are including Sweaty, Spermous, Fishy, Malty, Urinous, Musky etc. By mixing all these odar all the smells are generated. To detect these smell, there are seven receptors in humans brain. We can feel the actual smell with the combination of these receptors.

It was proved in research, a human can detect almost different 10000 smell.Can you imagine?

10 thousand smells !!!

Now if we want machine will understand smell, setup seven receptors on the machine are not sufficient, first, we have to know which primary odor present in which smell. The problem, we can’t do this work. A composite smell is a combination of which primary smells, biologists didn’t identify yet.

Nowadays new theory has been introduced named “Odotope theory”. It seems scientist are confused how smells work. We hope, we’ll able to define smell soon. Then we’ll able to develop our automated machine soon that can test food smell and direct us whether that food is musty or not, can warn us about our sickness by taking our body smell. Where crime will happen we’ll set our machine and by the internet, it will detect location wise every human smell and able to find criminal in very short time. Our main challenge is to find how smell properly works then we’ll move to a new era of technology where general life will become more user-friendly and based on Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR).

A human can hear due to olfactory nerve. But without that nerve, we can introduce machine with sound from analog to binary and binary to the analog conversation. In Chemistry, we can identify ion with Line spectrum. Like in bunsen burner flame, we can find golden-yellow flame from sodium (Na) ion. All these are some of the predictions of machine learning with AR and VR defining future.

Conclusion Part.

Like these, if we able to make relation of smell with light or something that is familiar to the machine, then IT will enter a new world of smell technology of Artificial Intelligence. We’ll able to ensure more user-friendly virtual reality and augmented reality combined with artificial intelligence. Best of luck for that times Artificial intelligence and Technology.

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