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Hello! I’m Bolaram Paul. Senior Web Developer with over 4 years of experience specializing in front end development. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects.Having an in-depth knowledge including advanced HTML5, CSS, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JSON, XML, Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Angular JS. I am a...

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Web Developing 90%
Front-End & WordPress 93%
Graphics 97%

My Services

UI/UX Correction

We are very familiar with UI UX designers, but what are these designers...

Graphic Design

Graphics (from Greek γραφικός graphikos, "belonging to drawing") are visual images or designs...

My Work Experience

I’ve worked for many reknown business company

There is evidence that perceptions of beauty are evolutionary determined, that things, aspects of people and landscapes considered beautiful are typically found in situations likely...